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You are always welcome in Franklin, NC

October 26, 2019 7:30 pm

Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts

1028 Georgia Road Franklin, NC 28734


From the foot hills of Sayan Mountains to the icy Kara Sea proudly rolls its waters the mighty and majestic Yenisey River. On its banks live many peoples of Siberia, which have their own culture, literature and art. This vast and beautiful Land has become a source of inspiration for the Krasnoyarsk Dance Company of Siberia, which by choreographic means reveals the spiritual wealth of the Siberians, glorifying their labour feats and telling of the wonderful nature of the land. The Company was Founded in 1960 and has been a success from the very outset its original manner of performing Siberian dances as well as its dash and vigour never leave spectators indifferent. The treasures of folk art are eternal and inexhaustible but only when touched by the hand of an artist, alert to modem images and rhythms, do these treasures acquire value Mikhail Godenko, who founded the Company and had directed it continuously till 1991, was an experienced and talented director, a choreographer of great artistic taste and creative imagination, always searching for original compositional solutions. The successful efforts of the Company to create modern artistic pictures has found expression in such popular dances as My Siberia, Krasnoyarsk Merry Tunes, Cossack’s Dance, Down the Street, By the Well, Men’s Dance, Siberian Fun with their rapid cascade of cheerfulness merriment and humour. The Company’s popularity is growing with every year, and with every year grows the number of people in our country and abroad, admiring its bright, vital talent.