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You are always welcome in Franklin, NC

October 4, 2019 6:30 am

Alarka Expeditions

376 Snow Hill Falls Cir.


Alarka Expeditions invites you to join us and guest host Don Hendershot for a Migration Celebration. We will trek the Blue Ridge Parkway from the Balsam, NC entrance to U.S. 276 searching, primarily, for Neotropical passerines (songbirds and monarch butterflies.)

When we reach U.S. 276 we will head south through the Pisgah National Forest and on to Caesars Head State Park in South Carolina. Caesars Head is home to the most productive Hawk Watch in the Southern Appalachians…between 12,000 and 15,000 broad-winged hawks (one of two Neotropical hawks nesting in the U.S.) along with a slew of other migrating raptors pass over Caesars Head every autumn.

Observing fall migrants can be quiet different from spring/summer birding trips. In the spring and summer birds (especially males) are decked out in their most colorful plumage and usually singing their hearts out. Quiet often they are “on territory” and remain in view once you find them. In the fall birds are on the move foraging and correcting their course for their next nocturnal launch and while they may call and/or chirp they hardly ever sing full breeding songs and their fall plumage is often drab and completely different from their breeding finery. Neotropical passerines often migrate in large loose flocks composed of different species. It is not uncommon to find 6 to 10 species foraging in the same area.

At our first stop along the BRP, Don will point out some helpful hints regarding what to look for to help with identifying these fall migrants. At our lunch stop at the Pink Beds in the Pisgah National Forest we will, hopefully, see many migrating monarchs – but we will also take the time to talk a little about the different types and modes of migration, plus a little primer on how to distinguish raptor species.

This Migration Celebration will be enjoyable, entertaining and educational – hope you can join us!

Registration is required.  Fee is $95 per person.